Friday, April 25, 2008

Fly Like An Eagle

This is a WIP from at least eight years ago. I hand-dyed this piece. When it was finished the background reminded me of a pond. So I appliqued a lily pad and frog on it. I expanded the frog idea by showing the life cycle of a frog by adding frog eggs, a tadpole and then the frog. I also added cattails, which are fuzzy. I don't even remember how I added the texture to the cattail. What I do remember is the fiber was flying around everywhere. It still is not finished. I had more pieces of hand-dyed panels I wanted to add to make the quilt larger. But if it is a wall hanging that probably would not be practical. I pulled it out this week, hung it up in my studio to view from time-to-time. Maybe it will become a finished work soon.

Yesterday I shared about a fast I did in 2000. I want to share another encounter I had during that time. The quilt I was led by the Lord to do for a handicap girl was my first totally spirit-led quilt. I knew it had nothing to do with me. It was what God called a "Healing Quilt." I finished the quilt on March 16, 2000; a friend stopped by my home and I showed her the quilt. She looked at the date and immediately John 3:16 came to her mind. When the quilt was finished in the early morning hours I was led to pull out a Native American tape and directed to dance on the quilt to this tape. When I realized the song I was dancing too it really shocked me.

God had a plan bigger than me. The scripture verse threadworked around the quilt was Isaiah 40:31 and the song I danced to was called "Fly Like An Eagle" which was Isaiah 40:31 put to song and music. Some would say that was totally an accident but I know and God knows who directed the entire experience. I was only a willing vessel and one experiencing the hand of God even deeper for the first time. What an experience!! And one I shall never forget. Orchestrated completely by the love of the Father.

p.s. - while finishing this writing I was reminded of what the cattail was made from
a pompom cut up.

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