Saturday, April 05, 2008

Hugs, Kisses and Time With The Father

My youngest son is on his way to Jamaica. I pray all the group will have a safe and productive trip. They are going over with a YWAM group from Florida. His oldest brother arrived home
in time to see him and spend a little time with him before he left. He mentioned how much his brother had grown spiritually. I love watching my sons interact with one another. My home was filled with guitar playing last night. I love hearing my sons play music. My heart was full of delight. I received such a blessing in my family last night. And the joy of seeing sons want to spend time with their father is wonderful, too.

I know the greatest Father, Father God, wants us to spend this kind of time with Him. He delights in us and desires to see us come to him just for pure fellowship. Have you made time in your life for HIM?

Heart Hugs

I worked on two FPCs for FAT Heart Hugs. I love how this little process in techniques turned out. I used two different types of interfacing for my front and back of the postcards. I foiled, inked, and stamped them. I used gel pen on the back along with a flower stamp for the center divider. Before I put them together I used a polyester colorful pink flower fabric in between to show through the front interfacing. I stitched around the hearts. I am going to make more of these and have them ready to send when needed. They are so colorful.

Also I think I will tinker with Neocolors on the interfacing using the fabric in the center as a base to sketch using thread on the front. Fannie does a great job of this.

Today I have a guild meeting and our special guest teacher is Karen Combs from TN. We had to book her 2 years in advance for today. I hope all the participants in her class enjoyed it. I have finished putting 2 borders on charity quilts for our Service Projects. It has been so much fun doing their projects. They went to many companies and ask for gifts to give out to members who bring back finished projects each month. The first month they did this I won some gorgeous fabric. The Service Project Chair couple hope to finish over 100 quilts this year. I think we have a great chance of doing just that.


Noel said...

You are a blessed lady to have to wonderful sons that get along and follow the Lord. The house was filled with music....oh how exciting.
I will pray for your sons safe trip and return home.

I love your "Heart Hug" cards and I like your technique.

Franny sure does beautiful work with color, fabric and thread!

Jacq said...

Hope you had a wonderful guild meeting, it sounds exciting. Where do your quilts go that you are making for your service project?

morningDove said...

Our quilts are first going to a retirement/mental health center with 82 patients, then Faith In Action for elderly and then Avalon, a Women's Shelter with Children.

I am truly blessed Noel and thank you for praying for son in Jamaica.

Fannie said...

Special family time with music--beautiful! What will your son do in Jamaica? What is YWAM?

You are prepared for sending beautiful heart hugs, Dove. You not only send heart hugs through your art, but also through your words.