Monday, April 28, 2008

House of Belonging

I received a beautiful handmade journal from fannie on Friday. I have a hard time writing in new journals. But I was determined to use this beautiful journal as it was intended. So I played with neocolor wax pastels on the first page, then cutout a bird pic I had taken. I double exposed the picture going through the copier by accident but I used it anyway. What a breakthrough for me!!
I wrote this little haiku or that is what I refer to it as called "Birdie."
sitting still,
looking down what do u c?
millions of humans
Just like Me.
Also this weekend I was reading about Rumer Godden and I love this axiom from an Indian proverb she used in one of her books.
House of Belonging
Everyone is a house within four rooms,
physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
Most tend to live in one room most of the time,
but unless we go into every room every day
even if only to keep it aired,
we are not a complete person.
Hubby and I watched the 39th Dove Awards on tv. There is such an incredible difference from other awards ceremonys because everyone's music is so uplifting and God/Christ centered.
I didn't even know there was a Gospel tv channel. I watched a great interview with Kirk Franklin on the Fame and Faith show.


Jacq said...

Lucky you, what a nice journal.

Sue said...

House of Belonging -- this is so beautiful, Dove. And I need reminding to nurture all rooms. Thanks for your prayers for my running -- see updated entry for slight change of plans!

Fannie said...

I like your poem, Dove! Glad you're writing in your journal.

morningDove said...

thank you Sue and Fannie: I believe we all can learn from one another to nurture our rooms better. Sue you are encouraging me to nurture my physcial, I have a bike and never use it.
thank you fannie for the journal and all your encouragement mentally. You get me thinking.