Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Man You've Become

I think this says it all today for me. This is a special day - our first wedding - my middle son. The one I knew would always be married first. I picked this song for his special day to dance the mother/son dance.

Lyrics are:

Big wheels, hot wheels
Little trucks and cars,
Skinned knees, climbing trees,
Wishing on the stars
Moments may be lost somewhere in time
But the sweetest memories are never left behind
Now you’ve grown so fine. And come so far…


I’m so proud of who you are. The man you’ve become.
Thrilled to share your deepest joy
To know you’ve found the one.
For the great things you will do.
I’ll be blessed ‘cause you’re my son.
But I’ll always see the boy In the man you’ve become

School days, sleep-aways
Driving all alone, Phone calls,
shopping malls. Late coming home.
It was hard to know when to let you spread your wings
When to let you go to face the challenges life brings
But you’ve grown so fine. And come so far…


And you are probably wondering why I am up at this hour of the morning. I was fixing favors for the rehearsal dinner. And when I went to take the bride's gown and my dress out to the truck my dog decided he would jump on the bed and over to my work table to devour a 2lb bag of M&M's. Now he is drinking tons of water and going in and out of the house to heave all of the junk.

By the way the rehearsal went very good. My camera is acting up bc I bought a new type of battery that the salesman said would work in my camera. Oh well, I did have the old one in my camera bag. So I changed it over and for what time I have life in it I will take a few pics. My youngest tux pants had to be rushed back to the bridal shop for last minute alterations. My DIL's wedding band had to be driven up from the beach. It was supposed to be here Tuesday but not sure what happened, it didn't fit and had to be stretched. BUT overall everything is going good. I bought a beautiful yellow bouquet of roses to present to my DIL's mom to say "Thank you" for rearing a daughter that my son would fall in love with and become our new daughter.
This is the sweetest little girl, the flower girl's sister. She is enjoying the hymnal. Her mother said she loves books. And that is obvious. She is so oblivious to all that is going on around her. This is just one of the pics I was able to capture before the camera acted up. Her little sun dress and sandals are so cute.


Fannie said...

Enjoy your beautiful day, Dove. I'll be thinking of you and celebrating from Texas!

Sue said...

Hi Dove and thank-you for your wonderful comments on my blog. I hope your son's wedding is beautiful and that you all have a great day. (And I hope your dog is okay after eating the M&M's!) I love the song you picked beautiful.

DeBee said...

Congratulations on your son's big day! And I'm sure your DIL's mom will be thanking you for raising such a fine man to care for her daughter. Touching song... Sorry about your dog... I look forward to reading more.