Thursday, April 10, 2008


The Artist's Circle started a new workshop altering a board book. I have never altered a book before so I was struggling a little bit. What's new!
Then the light bulb went on last night as I was looking at an art book. I
came up with the title "Windows 2 My Soul". The original board book had pics of children playing. I lightly gessoed some of them so they would peek through the page.
This is going to be another healing session for me pertaining to my childhood. I guess there's another layer that needs to be peeled away. Gee I thought I was finished with all this. Children need security, safety, and a sanctuary. They need to be able to be children full of innocence knowing that they are loved and will be protected. A safe environment.
There are just some words when I hear them I cringe. One of those words is molestation. I can't even write it yet without tearing up. Maybe one day but not today.


Sherry said...

Oh my Dove. Time and God will heal all. We have way more in common than you realize. I know of what you don't speak of. Please have a wonderfully blessed day!

Fannie said...

Creating art is one of the entrances to the soul. In the process of creating, you're able to work out the composition of your art as well as the experiences that compose your heart. If you concentrate on your art, your heart will slowly redesign itself.

I'm sorry for your pains of the past. I care.

Love your art and heart!