Tuesday, April 08, 2008

More Heart Hugs & Goodie Box

Here are two more Heart Hugs. Both are using interfacing/stablizers for front and back. But I don't know what they are. I lost the receipt that tells me what they are.

The one on left has the Elmer's glue resist for window pane. Then I used the neocolor yellow in the background for window. I used a new stamp I received from Jacq today for the vines, then colored with neocolor. I stitched the window with varigated thread. The little bees are stamps brightened with neocolor. Sandwiched in between the two pieces is a piece of orange tissue paper.

The FPC on the right I started by using roving inside the heart, then perle cotton to outline the heart. The stem/leaves are perle cotton too. I used a stamp for the flower with glue resist, then neocolor inside each petal. I used a stamp "for you with tiny hearts". After stitching around the edge of the FPC I used neocolors on top of the thread. Also I think the white background is too stark so next time color it.

One snafu: I wanted to color the back using neocolors. But I wet the interfacing to blend the colors. Big mistake!! I should have colored both sides and wet them separate then sewed them after letting them dry. Lesson learned, noted for future attempts.

The orange tissue paper background is some of my goodie box from Jacq yesterday. It was like Christmas. Thank you so much Jacq for the stamps, gift cards/envelopes and wow all that tissue papers to pack it in. My mind is rolling on projects.
In the morning my middle son came over and ask me to ride with him to the beach. Oh that was another great time with him too. When I got back from the beach I wanted to put my stamps and paints in one plastic container so I could see them. Organizing myself.

Then the door bell rang and I yelled out "wait a minute, oh come on in". Oops I thought it was my son but the mail lady had left the package on my porch. So when I went to email Jacq a "thank you" her blog popped up right on my screen bc I had never closed her blog from the morning. It was as if God was letting me know what was on His agenda. It was a wonderful day and not what I had planned!


Sherry said...

Love all the new art Dove. Aren't these internet friends amazing! They are all so kind and giving.

Noel said...

Wow look at that box of Blessings....Wooo Hooo!!! I love the stamp that says "Put all your eggs in God's basket"....great one.
Dove, have fun creating with all your goodies!
Very nice Heart Hug cards too!


Jacq said...

You are always doing so many new things. You truly do inspire. Hope you enjoy the stamps it is nice to know that they are at a good home.

Fannie said...

Christmas in April, how wonderful, Dove.

Thanks for sharing your process. Glue as resist--gotta try that one.

Nice post. I noticed Sherry, Noel, and Jacq's comments. You and each of them--four generous angels.