Saturday, April 26, 2008

Desire To Transfer

This little journal is a "green" journal given to me by a friend that moved away 4 years ago. She moved to Wisconsin to be near her son she gave up for adoption when she was a young teenager. He was able to connect with her after all those years, but if he had not had that desire she would never reunited with him.

The journal is corrugated box and string with felt on the cover with a little button and button hole stitching.

Photo Transfer
This little picture on the right is a photo transfer on to muslin. My first one I have ever done. It is of a young child in Jamaica. What struck me was this beautiful little child behind a barred window without glass. I pressed yellow tissue paper over the area while it was drying, then decided to iron it to speed things up. Some stuck to the fresh, wet transfer. I love this happy accident. I think I will call it "trapped." It represents someone within myself that wants to be freed.

Changing the subject and turning away from my art. I buy books at B&N and Bks-a-Million every time I go there. Well not every time but almost. I bought this book at the beginning of the year titled The Prayer Diet by Matthew Anderson. Its funny because I have never dieted before. I have exercised to tone up but I don't care about what I weigh per say but how I feel and how my clothes fit. This book is very interesting in that he challenged people to "pray" a prayer for weight loss but the book is so much more. He has little boxes of questions and comments throughout the book. One is -

What if forgiveness could come as easy as prayer?
What if forgiveness was as natural as breathing?
Who and what would you forgive first?

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Jacq said...

I like your photo transfer and the way the "accident" came out.