Friday, April 11, 2008

The Work Of His Hands

I felt the need to post this pic. I have been working on the altered book using my hands. I'm left handed so that's all you'll see. Smearing, smushing and just kind of playing like a child. For some reason I feel this is what God wanted me to do - just use my hands like a brush. What an inventive tool (lol) and What a master piece - white gesso and blue acrylic paint. I like to feel with my hands, even gardening I tend not to wear gloves; so you can imagine what my hands and nails look like. My rings take a beating too. I never take them off.

I haven't posted for a while my found objects - man droppings . Not sure I should post this one. I found of course coins, one dime and one nickel, a washer/bearing, two clasps, some plastic cording (I plan to use it to stitch my "green" quilt together. And my most interesting find - the orange (it doesn't look orange) tube with words "White Owl - blunts" on the band. I loved that orange thing, it was bright orange. Oh my I probably could have been arrested bc inside this container were little plastic baggies of some white substance. Hubby knew exactly what it was since he worked on a narcotics/drug task force for years. I decided I would throw the whole thing away. Now doesn't that beat all. Maybe I better look more carefully at what I pickup or like my friend said "wear gloves".

I know you are thinking "Why pick up anything at all." Our country is becoming a garbage dump. We have had crews from VDOT and a contracting company working on our roads. The workers take a lunch break and throw their leftovers and thrash from lunch right on the side of the road. I think I will call/write to the companies and ask them to pick up their leftovers. What happened to pride in what you do and pride in the places where you are working. And the philosophy to "leave the place better than it was before you got there?"

I realize the difference between the works of The Master's Hands and man's hands are vast.

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