Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Over-The-Hump Day

that's what they call Wednesday. Well, the gown was delivered to the cleaners and I was shocked at what it cost to press the wrinkles out. Even for a formal dress it seems expensive. I know the owners of the store and the manager. She was so cute - she looked at me and said, "Do you know how much it cost?" at which I replied, "Does it matter at this point? it has to be done."

One errand down and many more to go before 3:30. One important stop yesterday was to the naturopath practioner I see. Boy was I glad to make that stop. She gave me 3 different herbs to get my body back on track for sleep. After taking the first dose with dinner I was ready for bed at 9pm and I must say I slept through until 4 this morning. Either they work fast or I was so exhausted it would not have mattered; I just needed to sleep.

Early in the morning I realized I was not focused on what God wanted me to focus on - HIM. His faithfulness, His love, His protection, His promises. I found myself praying in the car - Lord help me to bring my focus back around to You and You alone. The wedding and life in general had moved in to take my PEACE away. And I had let it. After I prayed I figured everything would get done for this day that was suppose to get done and everything else would wait until another day. Why am I putting pressure, unnecessary pressure I might add, on myself? I went to Michael's to pickup almonds to put in a little favor for the rehearsal dinner. I also wanted to insert a picture of the couple in a candle. Whether that happens before or after the wedding - does it really matter? What matters is the bride and groom. The little extras are special and nice but not necessary. Life will go on without those things.

I do thank all that have prayed for me during this special time in our lives and that celebrate with us whether you be far or near. I use this time to reflect back on my own beginnings in marriage and the joy that special day brought to me. I pray it will be that joyful for my son and DIL. Thank you everyone!


I liked this picture of a entryway/doorway. What kind of entryway/doorway are you? I was thinking about that question when I saw this door. Are you solid, with a firm foundation? Are you a revolving door? Are you closed off to all? Are you stain glass, clear glass or solid wood? Fancy or plain?

Personally I think I want to be a stained glass revolving doorway. Stain glass always reminds me of the circumstances that shapes us and makes us who we are. And well revolving to me - means I am open to let all come in and leave as need be. I don't want to hold on to relationships that need to be released but I want to make room for new ones that are waiting to happen. The adventures of a life time.


Sherry said...

So glad to hear you finally got some sleep. Be easy on yourself, breathe, and try to relax so you can enjoy that special day.

Jacq said...

Well, It is about time you went to bed on time.:-D Nothing like a good nights sleep. Sounds like you are down to crunch time with the wedding. My prayers are with you as you get through this weekend. RELAX AND ENJOY.

Fannie said...

I want to be a stained glass revolving door--stained glass because I don't really want to be seen, but I want to see; revolving door so that I can come and go and people can come and go as they please--no expectations, just a nice visit.

Sue said...

I think I'm a screened door with a very solid wooden frame. Somebody who's got a good framework, but who gets a little distracted and needs the backup of the main door to remind me of my responsibilities.