Tuesday, April 01, 2008

When Is Sunrise?

Well its 3:37am on Tuesday morning. And a good day to you all! My visit at the accountant went great. Better than expected. My hubby drove me down and afterwards we visited the mall. I had prayed specifically to find the dress and shoes for my son's wedding. I h-a-t-e to shop. We walked into the first store and found 3 dresses. I tried on the second one, a pale pink and it was a perfect fit. And I do mean "perfect" fit. Then we walked over to the shoe department and another match. The shoes were pink and matched the dress. Hooray! God answered my prayer. And I have to tell you I even ask God to help me find a free-flowing princess-style dress. I hate the tight straight lines in a formal dress. I feel like I am in a straight jacket. He answered that prayer too. My hubby was happy we didn't have to spend a lot of time searching. He loved the pink dress. Then he and I enjoyed a lunch together and explored the books in Borders. We each found a new book to treasure; his on the Caribbean and mine on paper techniques. It was only $2.99. What a find!

Here is another handmade Christmas ornament on a tree in the Caribbean. The butterfly was just lovely. Sparkly and full of glitter. I loved all the decorations on Antigua last year. We won't be visiting that island this December. The itinerary has changed somewhat. We've never been to Dominica or Bonaire; so we are looking forward to new adventures together.

I must say my hubby was so cute yesterday. Like a little boy after a great find. He truly is a hard worker and never buys himself anything. He bought a new pair of golf shoes, hat and golf balls. He kept apologizing for spending the money. Oh my he so deserves them and so much more. We topped off our day by going to his home place, taking our doggie and letting him swim. We walked and talked together, sharing our dreams and making another great memory.


Fannie said...

Sounds like an excellent day, Dove.

morningDove said...

It was an amazing day filled with answers to prayer.