Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Soul Searching

I received a request from Nadia in Netherlands to trade two ATCs. So here are the two I have been working on. One is my version of a kachina doll. I named her Hope and embellished her with pink breast cancer beads. Her dress is fine wool roving. Her face is an antique crocheted medallion I cut up. I'm getting braver about cutting up and trying new things. The other atc is my version of a flower in the marshland from a beautiful postcard I have had for a while. Its roving and thread work. The background was a play day of various paints.

Soul Searching

Yesterday I was looking for a book of Promises for my hubby to share with a neighbor who is "going-through". But instead I stumbled upon my journals from 2000. Everyday I journaled and the journals are many. It was during a deep time of soul searching and a fast that took me straight into the arms of God Almighty. It was a depth I had never known before in prayer and fasting. On this particular day, March 17, 2000 I was in the shower when it seems God decided to download quite a bit into my spirit. One of those downloads was a business my hubby would start having to do with security. A long story short, I expressed that thought to my hubby and he received it. The thing is he was a state employee working in law enforcement and had never thought about beginning a business, much less retiring from his job. I realized what Mary meant when the Holy Spirit told her she would bear a son and she had never been with a man. Her comment "Be it unto me" and she pondered these things in her heart. My pondering began that day but we did not force anything to occur. We trusted God for what He had spoken and lo and behold it seemed suddenly, several years, the timing was right, the decision was made for him to retire and he had already started a business part-time while working. Change is hard for him and probably for most of us. But when God does it there is no need to fear but as Proverbs 3:5 says, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto thine own understanding." I like that I can rest in that Word of God.


Sherry said...

Lovely pieces Dove. Thanks for sharing your experiences and keeping my mind and heart in the right place.

Jacq said...

Nice job on your ATC. Keeping ones self open to new ideas is not always easy, but somethings we need to do.