Friday, April 18, 2008

My Knight In Shining Armor

Every Little Girls Dream

I felt the need to show this quilt today. I made this in a MAQF (Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival) class with Esterita Austin many moons ago. Of course my knight is my hubby and the three small stars at the top are each one of my sons. They have helped to shine the light on so much of my life's lessons. They have given us purpose when sometimes one wondered what, why, when, how.
I love this piece and it has hung in my downstairs bathroom until recently when it fell off the wall and broke. Now I must find another way of framing it. This was a very hard piece at the time when I did it. And I remember her showing us how to highlight areas with paint. Boy! back then I was very intimidated. But today I would use the paint and not care whether is turned out right or not; I would be willing to plunge ahead and at least try. I can see I have grown.
That brings me to the next part of my life. My "grown" son at 22 gets married tomorrow. "Grown" that seems such a strange word. More like a word I need to use for my plants not my son. I think I will change that to "Mature-Beyond-His-Years" son. As long as I can remember he has always been that way.
I was listening to a song that I will post tomorrow for the big celebration and this song says it all for me. I wish I could ask to have it played at the reception for our dance - if they do that part. Anyway, if not, my plan is to make a cd with pics of him and DIL growing up in different stages and wedding pics and put this song on it for myself.
I hope you have a knight in shining armor or maybe your
"night in shining amour." Its always about LOVE.

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PegSue said...

A beautiful quilt and beautiful sentiments.