Friday, April 04, 2008


was abbreviated by "N" to P2P. I love it!!
And on FAT "N" is hostessing a FPC trade called P2P. So you can do anything you want on this card. I worked on mine last night and came up with this.

I started thinking about P2P and what I wanted to do on my FPC. The thought that popped into my head was as a child playing with my siblings. In the back of my house was a hill where we loved to get cardboard boxes and ride down. We did that for as long as the box lasted. It was so much fun and didn't cost anything.
When I won Noel's goodie box there was a tea sleeve in it. I use it all the time when hubby takes me to B&N to treat me to a cup of peppermint tea. I always keep the corrugated sleeve B&N puts on my cup. You know in case I want to make something. Ok, I am a junk collector. Well I had one laying on my work table so I cut it up in the shape of my sassy play girls. I painted them with chalk.
Since they express attitude I had to put some loose, wild hair on them out of bundles of thread, what a tangled mess. That reminded me of a beautiful little 3 year I knew that had the most gorgeous golden hair which she hated to comb or let anyone else comb. Her hair was always a tangled mess. But she loved to play and play. My little sassy girls have beaded arms. The top girl's face didn't turn out too great. So I'll just pretend she found mama's makeup and redid her face.
Do you remember doing that as a young girl? I remember clip-clopping around in my mother's high heels and playing dress up. That was so much fun.
I took a copyright free pic and chalked it with color. Then I added the words "Play house" from my Scrapbook program. The "You're Invited" and "dream comes true" words are a stamp. I like the spontaneous idea that became a FPC.
One other thought popped into my head. Young children that are placed in orphanages. I wondered do they have to ask permission to play? I wonder if they are so strict on them that they take all the spontaneity out of children just to maintain order. It made me sad to think of so many children in orphanages that do not have parents and a single home. I am sure the caregivers for the children love them very much and do their best. It just seems every child should have a home with a mom and dad. I know you say I am living in a dream world.
But dreams really do come true!!

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