Sunday, April 06, 2008

Rainy Day "Sun"day

I made another Hearts-n-Hugs FPC. I used the back of a ceramic tile for a stamp and coated it with gel resist. Applied it to interfacing, let it dry, then used neocolor in between the window slats. I chalked the edges and placed another flower stamp in the center. The words were written using a Sharpie fat pen. I'm gearing up for a class in "Art of Lettering". I realize my true love is writing mixed with art. I should have been a journalist or a commentator, since my family feels I have to make a comment on everything, hahaha!

The background fabric is red velvet hand-dyed. Um what could I do with this? we'll see.

Art Quilt Study Workshop Class

I'm off again this afternoon for my Art Quilt Study Workshop class at Quilting Adventures. I'll take my first "Car" theme busy small 9x12 quilt for show-n-tell. My layout on quilts definitely needs improvement but I know through making the small ones I will begin to practice and improve on my layouts. I'm encouraged and isn't that what classes are all about - learning, improving and of course having fun.
P.S. - A friend ask what YWAM is? Youth With A Mission - a group of young adults that go around the world to help in different countries. Last year they worked in construction in Jamaica. This year I'm not sure if they will be doing that again. They are being sent to a different region in Jamaica further inland. I won't hear from my son until he is back in the US.


Fannie said...

Clever use of the tile stamp technique, Dove--original. You are certainly evolving as an artist. Bravo!

Thanks for the explanation. How long will your son be in Jamaica?

Noel said...

Dove, your making me want to get out my rubber stamps and play with them on the idea of using the back of a tile...nice idea. Your so creative.