Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Dress Form & Design

Here is where I get to become a designer and create something I might wear. My Blogging Runway!!! lol. I finished two FAT bookmarks. I decided to keep with the theme of "Women and Design".

My base was pellon, and I used chalk to paint the dresses and give it shape. Added a chalk belt and crystal for bling. Fiber to the neckline was added, it's my idea of a boa. I love the free-flowing shape. On the back I used wonderful mixtures of orange/yellow leftover messes of fabric from other projects.
I liked using them. I had wanted to do something with them for quite a while now. I also added a fabric rose on the top back of the one showing on the right. And the final reveal, as they say, was my tulle to the back to keep it all in place and give it a little stiffness. My bookmarks are long enough to use in a magazine for marking pages.

Then I added the words "Read" and "Read Prose" on the back of the book marks. I edged the side of one dress with the words, "Women want to be taken seriously" and at the bottom
"Read Me Or Not."

My playful spirit had so much fun designing my book marks. I may try this again. It was sort of inspired from my first trade hostessing for Flat Fiber Dolls and my Jackie O fiber book. Then 'tis the season for proms and wedding dresses, formal wear. So I may keep on this for a season. I do need a creative sign to hang over my artistic room. This is the beginning to creating one.

Which reminds me. What were you created to be? I read on a group site yesterday about two ladies that are in their second half of life and are working on degrees in college. What is it that you always wanted to do but were afraid to step out and try? What keeps your spirit stirred up and longing to begin? My hubby from time-t0-time goes back to the desire of becoming a lawyer. I think that is one thing he really should pursue. He mentioned it two days ago. Maybe I can encourage him to begin - B-e-g-i-n!!


Sherry said...

Love these dove. Sounds like you and hubby also had a very day together. Those are some of the most precious memories.

Noel said...

I love your bad you only made two of them....but there will be two very blessed ladies on FAT that get them.

Love the things you say and share on your blog Dove! I'm always blessed and my spirit is uplifted when I leave here.


Jacq said...

I love your bookmarks. I never thought that bookmarks were any things but rectangular.

morningDove said...

Hubby and I have had a wonderful week together. I'm glad you enjoy what comes from my heart Noel. And Jacq breakout and make a different shape bookmark. explore, have fun.

Noel said...

Dove, I have to agree with Jacq...I never thought of bookmarks other then rectangular as you can see from mine...but you have given me some ideas with your lovely dress forms...hope I get one of would look lovely in my bible.