Wednesday, November 05, 2008

After My Vote

Here is a two-page spread of Jackie O for Linda's ABRRIW.

I used organza to copy the pic of her as a young child on to and then surrounded it with ribbon. Wow just think what would the world be like if she had been aborted, or if Obama had been aborted, or Einstein had been aborted or Hitler had been aborted or Hugo Chavez had been aborted or all the young who voted had been aborted?

No history in the making or the history making would be totally different. Oh how we have changed history through abortion. We just don't realize how much!
The second 2-page spread I chose to do was on Rosa Parks.
The rose is fabric painted. I used scrim and paint.
The pic is a sample page from a beading book.
What would the world have looked like if Rosa Parks
had been aborted or Abe Lincoln had been aborted?

Justice Loves Babies

Twin siblings wrote this book. Young entrepreneurs. You should read it.
I came home after my vote and wept like a baby. No pun intended. I wept for the ones not totally represented in this country - The UNBORN CHILDREN. Someone's grandchild, daughter/son, the next President, the next artistic genius not allowed to even live. And even the ones I may not have agreed with not allowed to be born. Not given the opportunity to fulfill their destiny.

They may take a breath - but it will be snatched from them. They may be born into the world only to be murdered at the hands of another person.

One Christian blogger ask how someone could vote only on the sanctity of life - ProLife. And to that I say it's the only decision that can not be undone or changed . Once you kill a baby you can not undo it. Someone can have the opportunity to make money if they want. The stock market can change, your job situation can change, your life can change - BUT you must be living in order for that to happen. You can change your hair color, your clothing, your status in life - but this CHANGE CAN NOT BE UNDONE - IT IS FOREVER.

I believe this is one area God is clear about. It's murder. HE values life because He is the one that created it not scientists in a lab for the taking/making.

Money matters - the taking of unborn children is a billion dollar business - all for convenience.
The CHANGE America wants.

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