Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thank You Pokey

for sponsoring a give-away on your blog. Here is the wonderful quilting
and technique book I won. Its compiled with different artists' work
and techniques for art quilts. Thank you so much. I'll show you my
wonderful fabric she hand-dyed and altered tomorrow.
I am almost finished the ornaments for 12 Days Of Christmas. The
last two will be mailed out today. I will show them to you later after the recipients have opened them at the end of twelve days. They are traveling to Tasmania, Holland, Scotland and all over the US. This was a fun project to work on bc I will receive 12 that I am hanging up in my studio to open each day.
The anticipation is growing and growing. I think I'm going to bust before it gets here. No not
really - growing up in a home with 5 children and a single mom you savored every moment on Christmas day opening the few presents given. I'm not complaining bc the few I received were ones I really, really wanted. I was grateful for what I received.

Day 2 - Grateful Things

1) my arms not being too sore cleaning son's entire yard
3) my two son's and hubby working together tools
5) a grateful son an overworked son having a job
7) God protecting the police officers tired, overworked service people
9) our military personnel people who consider it an honor to serve
11) living in USA special people-young girl inspiration after losing legs
13) the Word of God mom taking me to church to learn about God
15) sister and her heart's desire family
17) God being in control cruise coming up
19) smelling a fire/chimney buring wood cushy chairs at B&N


Sherry said...

Oh how lucky you are dove to receive such a wonderful package from Pokey. Enjoy reading and playing.

Sandy..... said...

I love your list today.
I also wanted to let you know you have an award waiting for you on my blog!
God Bless You