Monday, November 03, 2008

Parched In A Dry & Thirsty Land

My art process on the Round Robin Altered Book of Inspirational Women.
Linda's book was my first one. I chose Jackie O in organza fabric and lace
edging along with a quote from her mother, I think. The opposite page is
a quote by Tina Turner about her queen. Bc she lived up north I put a few
stamped fish on the page. The pages are not fancy but they are my first.
I didn't scan the direct pages, so the pics were scanned and added to my blog.

Weights Lifted Off
Last night I tuned in to Wave Church, my son's home church at the beach.
He was on the praise team, singing and playing the guitar. I just love watching the excitement as they worship the Lord.

When the pastor, Steve Kelley, stepped up to speak on healing I began to weep like a baby. The flood gates opened and I could not stop the tears from gushing out. My hubby, who was in the other room, heard me sobbing, and asked me was I ok. He is used to me crying over little things
that touch my heart but this was more like wailing deep within my soul. After a while I just
stopped crying like I had started except -- I felt like a ton of bricks had been lifted off my chest.
I think the decision to go back to my spiritual roots of blogging brought this on.

The pastor was speaking on healing and ask ones that had been hurting for a long time to stand. He wanted the body to minister prayer to the people. When my hubby ask me what was wrong I told him to stand up and why. He didn't even question it - just came into the room where I was
and listened and remained standing too. He has hurt for so long - I know God can heal him -instantly. God's ways are not our ways!!

My blog title today said it all for me - I felt like I was walking down this road full of dust that was being constantly stirred up and could not get my breath. The grit and dryness on my tongue was horrific. I was beyond parched. No amount of water could have brought refreshing to me BUT the WORD of GOD (the living water) made all the difference in the world. Thank you GOD.


Reflections of life and art said...

Dove, I don't know what to say.....your words spoke volumes to me as they reflect what I have been feeling myself....thank you for sharing, I love your blog, your words and always touch my heart!


lulu said...

PTL, dove... PTL. loveyous. xo