Friday, November 21, 2008

Clothing Memory Quilt

Another gel pen sketch. My little bird was done on cardstock.
Which works so much better than regular sketch paper.
You can blend the color with your finger. This is a great block
breaker. Its small and if you mess up no big deal. I can do this.

This particular gel pen is available at Big Lots in a nice case of 52 pens for $10.00. I may ask Santa for another case of pens.
Young artists would love these.

Day 15 - 20 things I am grateful for
1) life is a verb books
3) my vet being so concerned the surgical vet giving us all the info
5) my doggie walking some decisions, tough decisions
7) but being able to have choices tears
9) my neighbor who lost his wife his tears; its ok to cry
11) her clothes being made into a quilt her granddaughter living on
13) memories laughter
15) my hubby's concern for all his sons his prayers for them and me
17) eyes to see and ears to hear
19) journaling son letting me borrow his truck yesterday
Let me elaborate on #9. My neighbor brought over the special clothes his wife wore. He also brought over clothes his wife had bought for their first granddaughter. She had out-grown these. So now to pray and see what the quilt will look like for him and hopefully one for his
little granddaughter, who is not one year old yet.
It is ok for a man to shed tears. Memories - that's what we have left of our loved ones. We can reflect on times we have shared with them and pass them on to the next generation. The color theme seems to be shades of red and pink. From a little girl to a young married woman into the senior years of our lives. She lived gracefully, she loved, she cared. The times she and her daughter shared scrapbooking will mean more to her daughter in the days/years to come as she passes that on to her daughter.
What will you pass on to the next generation? Do you even care about passing on anything to your grandchildren? One thing my neighbor shared with me - he will make a beautiful cross and pin out of his wife's rings for his granddaughter. What a wonderful keepsake. I know how special that can be. When I was to be married my mother gave me my dad's wedding band and I had it cut down to become my wedding band that I wear every day. This ring will go to my youngest son who bears my dad's name.


Fannie said...

Lovely post and artwork.

You may want to make a bear out of some of the clothes. It would make a huggable memory.

Loss, legacy . . . living each day to its fullest making sure our loved ones know they are loved makes loss bearable and leaves a natural legacy that leaves the giver's and receiver's hearts full.

Each day is another opportunity and a gift to tell your loved ones how special they are.

You are loved, Dove!

Laura Kay said...

I like your idea about breaking that artistic block. And thanks for the tip on the gel pens at Big Lots. You always have such encouraging things to say!!

Sherry said...

Love the bird done with the gel pens. I agree with Fannie about the bear. The quilt is great and I would do that as well, but maybe a bear to match?????? I gave my Grandma her first ever stuffed bear when she was in her late 70s. You should've seen the huge smile on her face. It was amazing.

Kimmie said...

Your sketch is beautiful - I love the simplicity and the colors of it.

Making a quilt out of your neighbor's wife's clothes is amazingly creative and will be so treasured by his entire family .... awesome!

I've seen those pen sets at Costco, but that was a couple of years ago - I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for their re-appearance.