Sunday, November 23, 2008

Scrapbook Advent Jrl Prompts

Here are six prompts I did with a scrapbook program. The backgrounds are ones I created or loaded from an ole' calendar.
Then I used a charms choice to place objects downsized and picked text to put on each 2x2 advent block.

It was interesting to play with the program and figure it out. BUT
I would much rather use ephemera, papers, and other collectibles
I have and physically make them. Plus for some reason when they were all finished many of the backgrounds became fuzzy.

Day 17 - 20 things I am grateful for

1) my SIL coming down to visit her love for our doggie

3) watching my hubby and sis play together laughter

5) the cold weather the miracles of God

7) beautiful decorations and being able to see them

9) my doggie enjoying his life right now the mental change

11) son's friend working him Fri/Sat being paid asa work is finished

13) sons arriving safely at their destination good cars

15) my son's DUI arrest wisdom to check the car for guns

17) my son's safety last night his zeal for life

19) God knowing every thing before it happens His loving kindness


I am so thankful God keeps watch over my son always. But especially when he is on duty. He called last night after making an arrest to say he had confiscated two guns on a DUI stop. Thank you God for giving him wisdom and for his backup. It brings tears to my eyes and comfort to my soul to know how much God loves him. The Bible talks about God giving his angels charge over us.

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Sherry said...

These are all still great Dove. I had a srapbooking program, but like you, it wasn't like creating with real paper and "things".