Saturday, November 15, 2008

Leaves and Pitch

The wind and rain have removed just about every leaf on the
trees in my yard. I had to gather up a bunch and scan them
for a remembrance. Yesterday my son and I blew and bagged
before my hubby arrived home from work. It was a wonderful
gesture on my son's part bc hubby would have come home dogged
tired and tried to do it. But for him it is also a time of therapy after
a long day at work. Meditative for him, a time to reflect.

My son had 40 minutes left before he had to leave for work. So I fed
him lunch and he went home, next door, to prepare for his evening of

Here's one stanza of a poem I am working on.

Early morning expanse
And Cool night air mix
Giving you a feel
For its coming new day.
That time of morn'
When Pitch is the color
Dark, black, void of light.
And then light bursts through
For to discover come what may.
Day 9 - 20 grateful things
1) early morning pitch a new day
3) seeing colors bright and beautiful
5) exercise bagging leaves
7) my arms/legs working productive day
9) my son's love my son's compassion
11) my youngest bought movie tickets a short line
13) my date with my hubby a hot tea
15) friends jokes friends laughter
17) 2 navy men headed to Kuwait their love of country
19) obedience the desire God placed in my heart

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Jacq said...

I love the leaves. My DH and I have raked up 31 bags of leaves in the last two weeks. I think we are almost done.