Friday, November 07, 2008

words = power

words - powerful - life giving
help you see clearly - C
give life a definition in color

words - tear me up - i cry
where is that one i can't find
lost in the inner recesses of my mind.

words - i can't speak them anymore
topsy turvy - jumbled up lost 4ever
they redefined what i thought was mine.

The night of the election I went upstairs and made this collage. I knew the final result would not be the way I voted. But I knew the relief of it being over. I feel - Coronation of a Tulip. The USA made history - a history EU countries stated they would never have gone with. So funny they wanted the US to do what they blatantly stated they would never do. Life is Funny.

A group of Inspired ladies are posting 20 things they are grateful for each day.

1) freedom still to voice my opinion being born in a free society
3)my husband's love my police community where i live
5)my son's needing a job my DIL's tenderness
7)my son's college paid for each semester friends that can c me
9)my home my breath i breathe today
11)my health my messy art room
13)my stuff, lots of stuff my friend that calls me to pray
15)my arms, that i can lift my frustration with myself
17)my hubby's sacrifice to work raking leaves
19)the rain and that God never changes

1 comment:

Sherry said...

Dove, love the collage. Isn't it amazing at the times our creativity is sparked? I've not been moved this week, just buried in other work. I hope to get back to another painting later this weekend.