Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sunlight & Prickly Spinach

Prickly Spinach is another page going into "N"s book. One more page and its off to Tasmania. yahoo. What a blast working on this book. I love orange so this was a joy to work in. It brought laughter to my heart. The background is fabric with garden words. I put a
skeleton leaf on it given to me by Sherry for another class we took together online. I used felt pieces, yarn, paper and thread leftovers.

Here is a poem I wrote. I am reading Poemcrazy suggested by Leilani. So glad she mentioned this book.

hear the chirping crickets
feel the heat upon thy face
the touch of a dew-filled seat
a waft of smoke lingering in the air
sleep comes easy to the aged one.
minutes tick by - a peaceful cat nap.
no reminder of pain as she dreams
legs wrapped in cloth, body in mummified jacket
adrift on the clouds passing by.
awakened by a strange sound suddenly gone;
what was that disturbance - she snores.
I could not resist having fun at the end of the poem - laugh - don't take life so seriously.
Day 6 of 20 things I am grateful for:
1) Janice letting me know I won a gift from Pokey Bolton's blog givers
3) the early morning hours quiet
5) reading the Bible having my sight
7) God's creativity enjoying the creativity
9) laughter children at play
11) raking leaves leaves that are falling
13) the wind a soft breeze blowing through
15) being able to walk life without pain
17) testings faith
19) believing in God believing in what He's given you


Jacq said...

I love your piece, the colors are great.

Sherry said...

This is an awesome page. I've never heard of prickly spinach.