Monday, November 24, 2008

The Gift of Love - Pjs

Friday was my hubby's last day of work for a week. On Saturday his sister came down and they went shopping. Well I should say hubby decided to go shopping and sis tagged along. My hubby never shops so for him to want to do that was a real treat to hear about.

While out he came across a new pair of pjs for me. Here they are: purple stripe pants and solid top. They feel so soft. That's what attracted him to the pjs. He loves soft plus I was long overdue for a new pair.

He was so proud of himself. He was like a little boy in the candy store when he came home with his purchase. Pants were too big but easily exchanged for m's.

Day 18 - 20 things I am Grateful for
1) a loving God He leads us if we are willing
3) piles of leaves raking/blowing out in the cold
5) a workout w/o going to gym strength to carry dog
7) soft, new pjs great color
9) blogging bloggers wonderful art
11) a wonderful dinner made by DIL and hubby great food
13) sitting at table to enjoy company all my family
15) a great conversation deep discussion
17) a listening ear open mind
19) a new day His mercies are new every morning


Sherry said...

Oh what a wonderful and thoughtful gift. My most favorite color in the world. So wish I could wear PJ's. The raging hormones cause horrible night sweats and I go from burning up and sweating, to freezing. No happy medium to be found right now.

Jacq said...

New pjs, a girl can never have enough of them.

Fannie said...

Nice pjs, Dove. Great for your upcoming cruise and trips. ;-D