Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dream Retreat

shouldn't everyone have a place where they retreat to dream?

Here is another of "N"s book pages. This is my pic for the day
and Leilani approves of this message. I just had to say that.
She did look at the pages I have made since she is my inspiration
for doing them. Have you bought your Cloth,Paper, Scissors
issue for Nov/Dec?
The background on this page is from a class with Lisa Engelbrecht I took in April. Check out her Book of Intentions - our class was the first to view the book before she took it to Italy to teach. She is a wonderful teacher and great inspiration. I love her work.

You can't see it but the green star with dots is a fancy, sparkly fabric. The star just glitters. I beaded the other star. Added words in paper and wrote words with a calligraphy pen. I really must do more of the backgrounds to keep on hand.

Day 7 - grateful things
1) my hubby's devotion walks in the night
3) vacuum cleaners cleaning house
5) grocery store near by choices
7) freedom to speak my opinion God's timing
9) the night sky with stars beauty of God's handiwork
11) my sons all being home for another day to live
13) meds dog is on a mind that can contemplate
15) the cars we drive the ole' pickup truck from dad
17) a backyard to sit in covers to wrap up in when cold
19) paid the bills friends that pray

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