Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Lord's Day

Day 10 - 20 things I'm grateful for

1) today is the Lord's day i can celebrate however i want
3) freedom of religion still a caring God
5) friends who ask me to pray the healing power of prayer
7) churches everywhere pastors who care no matter what
9) choirs the voice-singing
11) worship in many forms a merciful God
13) the Word of God Bibles in abundance
15) the body of Christ different body parts
17) functioning as one unity because of Christ
19) Jesus being the Truth, The Way Jesus caring for me a sinner saved by grace
Secret Project - 12 Days of Christmas Exchange
I'm Three French Hens. Since I hate repeating myself in creating
something I changed directions. This is a new one. I thought I was finished with this one. So I took a picture and scanned it for you to enjoy. Here it is
then I didn't quite feel like it was finished, so I did this. What a difference a few embellishments make. I am learning about layering
and color. Something I truly knew nothing about.
The base is pellon, with next layer being mulberry paper. I cut out the center hole and used it as my doors. The center partridge heart is paper and the finishing touch the word "Love" is a rub-on.
I hung it by inserting a wire and beading it.
More to come tomorrow on this little piece of art.
Have a great day in the Lord.

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