Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Phil 4:6 Be careful for nothing, but in every thing by prayer
and supplication with thanksgiving let your request
be made known unto God. Happy Thanksgiving everybody.
May God bless you each and every day with his mercy and goodness.
Finger painted turkey hand on the knees. Don't you see it?! lol.

My son's sweet girlfriend baked a pumpkin pie and they brought it over last night. She's such a sweetheart. I am so glad my son has chosen her to one day be his wife. She was so cute - when we started talking about children in third world countries she mentioned she wanted 5 children. Two adopted from Mexico or Nicaragua.
My son's eyes became as big as saucers. This is an important subject they should be
in agreement about. This little petite young lady is probably 90 lbs if that and I'm
guessing about 5' 2. She looks like the porcelain dolls you want to buy for your daughter
but put on a shelf, not play with and protect so it does not get broken.

They have shared missions trips together. You should see the pics of them attending to
the children. With my son being so tall the children just love being picked up by him and loved on. Oh that all children had the security and comfort to grow up in a loving home.

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Fannie said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Dove! Thanks for sharing. You are loved.