Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sunset Over The Rainbow


In less than a month hubby and I will be cruisin' the Caribbean
for our anniversary. I think we both need the break. I pray God
would give my hubby a deep peace and settle his spirit to know that God is in control of our lives. Somewhere over the rainbow
there is a gorgeous sunsetting. Have A Glorious Day!!

Day 14 - 20 Things I am Grateful For

1) being able to sleep argh telling son to turn game off
3) son getting parking he wants at college processing over net
5) Scott sweet young man that helped me son's love of working out
7) oldest son needing a coat out of closet clean closet yes
9) being able to give clothes/coats to DAV they pick it up
11) hubby's short work day being able to enjoy meal out
13) encouraging a working mom i can pray for her
15) a great work ethic not waiting for handouts carrying enough to work
17) God's goodness and God's mercy
19) vet visit today my dog being able to walk


Barbara said...

....and a rainbow for me too....Greetings barbara

Sherry said...

Hope doggie gets a good bill of health today.

Hazel said...

Such a beautiful photo.

Jacq said...

What a beautiful photo. How is your dog doing?