Monday, November 10, 2008

Off To The Vet We Go

another round with my doggie. Saturday he took a nose-dive in his recovery. It has been a month since his second surgery. He was doing great! Then - in the afternoon he became lethargic, feverish and not wanting to eat or drink. He stopped putting his leg down and withdrew it up into his body. I had put heat on him, but ice is what the inflammation needed.

By Sunday he was really going through something. We could not figure out what. He hadn't hurt himself and I hadn't gotten tangled in his leash. We were
doing everything the vet had said do. I kept applying ice but his leg was looking not so good.

Last night I stayed awake and at 3:30am he wanted to go out. I thought to empty but he wanted to sit in the cold ground. I felt like he was saying "I give up, leave me alone." I wept and wept. Then I got angry. I began to pray for my dog. If everything in my home is under the domain of God then I was not exercising my authority over the situation. So I continued to pray and read scripture over my dog. My husband was truly beside himself with grief too. Since our
son was home last night hubby and I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood.

I listened to my husband begin to pray as we walked. He prayed for me, each one of our sons, our extended family and friends, and then our dog. He began to weep and repent for his attitude and negative words he had been speaking. What a cleansing for him and me - a fresh, crisp breakthrough; like the night air - the feeling of cleansing, a washing away of all the desperation we were feeling, the struggling with money and other issues. When he had finished I stood in amazement at the heart of my husband and the desire to please God that he so wants to have.

here is another two pages for the little 5x5 book for "N". This is so much fun.
So freeing and full of exploration of what the next page will contain.
I found an article on "lumpy tomatoes" from Monticello, Thomas Jeffferson's home here in Virginia. The background burlap sack from Argentina.
And a page of song - Aunt Rhody and Shoo Fly - wish i had a plastic fly. I did add more after this pic was scanned. How do you like the shoes? Maybe they should have been fairey slippers or ruby reds!! lol


Sherry said...

Oh my Gosh! What a post. It literally brought tears to my eyes as I was reading. Dove, this really spoke to me. May God Bless you, your family, and I pray for healing for your beloved doggie.

Mar said...

is the doggie doing better?
i hope he recovered and is in a better recovering state now...

with all your positive energy flowing out he has every best vibe around him to help him

know that others are out in cyber land sending him helping thoughts too