Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rick Rack

My mom last year gave me a box of goodies from a ladies home she cleaned
out. I forgot about all this great stuff. Here is a bunch of rick rack - great
ATC edgings. Any other suggestions on what to do with it? Most I have taken out of the package and washed, rolled on a cylinder and put away - waiting for a fun project.
I am working on my Christmas ornament exchange - 12 Days of Christmas
but I will wait to show more - wouldn't want one of the participants checking me out. lol.

20 Things I Am Grateful For

1) listening to God speak weeping while cooking lasagna
3) dishwashers running water
5) money to buy my friend needed items my closet full of jackets
7) being able to give away many coats helping others
9) my DIL shopping at grocery store for me Reynolds wrap
11) being able to prepare dinner exercise
13) son able to climb in attic putting up the tree
15) my journals over the years writing
17) words to express myself with thinking clearly
19) visiting sick people a good vehicle to drive
I have to elaborate on number 1. Last night I was standing in my kitchen minding my own business when I felt like God was speaking to me that He was sitting talking with my dad(FIL).
What I felt impressed in my spirit with: I want to bless you with something that will remind you of your dad.
Well I began to weep like a baby. Honestly the tears would not stop - it was like Niagara falls.
I'm sure someone last night was eating my tears in the lasagna. What does God speak to you when you are listening?
When I told my hubby my experience, he teared up too. Dad is missed so much, even though it has been years since his passing. Maybe I saw so much of my dad in my middle son yesterday.
Take Time to Look and SEE All the Great Things God has Done!


Mar said...

you are absolutely right
we don't listen
and when i do...i am always reminded to be grateful i did...
i know being busy and tired is a sorry excuse
your grateful postings remind me too, to be more in touch with what i take for granted
thank you
(see you reached out and touched 1 spirit today!)

Sherry said...

I hope you save the paper wrappers from inside the cellophane. Wonderful artwork on them! Look at the prices! Whew, can tell these have some age.

Fannie said...

He tells me I am loved.

Jacq said...

What a wonderful box of goodies. You will be able to use them to create great things.