Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Well its 1:06am Friday and the mall near us opened at 12. The parking spaces were all taken within the first 30 minutes. That's a problem for the adjoining neighborhoods. Our little cul-de-sac has never seen so much traffic flowing. Two police officers were assigned to our neighborhood just to enforce no parking.

The people trying to park here are so rude, playing their loud music and hitting their lock buttons after getting out of their cars. They really are not thinking about the people who live here. Tomorrow all around on the streets will be trash where they have dumped it, ruts in grassy areas, and another night of disturbed sleep for us and our doggie; who hears everything.

What was our county supervisors thinking when they approved the mall to enlarge without appropriate parking? The mall has over 22 officers assigned there just for Black Friday from midnight to 6am in the morning.

Its led me to want to get more involved in our county politics regarding growth.

Starting over -----------Day 1 - 20 things I am grateful for

1) Thanksgiving with family food on the table
3) doggie bringing me his collar then bringing me his leash
5) not overeating cleaning all the dishes right away
7) joy of the Lord trusting Him for all things
9) 25 days of Christmas shows working on my project
11) living a quiet life reading my books
13) a warm home plenty of covering to keep warm
15) my children respecting their dad playing with their dad
17) my new DIL their marriage
19) breathing being able to weep for others and help them

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