Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Creative Entrepreneur

The Creative Entrepreneur is about setting up a visual journal
to gain insight, solve problems and explore new ideas w/o the
pressure to produce a product or something that has to look good
or make sense to others. That is pretty much the first thought Lisa
Sonora Beam puts into place for the reader.
She discusses her four path ways to designing a viable creative business. Heart/Meaning, gifts/flow, value/profitability and tools/skills. I've tried to read this book twice and it just did not flow for me. The third time must be the charm bc now it is getting through.
Day 20 - 20 things I am grateful for
1) a sharp mind meaning that flows
3) all of my sons how different they are
5) creativity flowing through people their willingness to share
7) others that have already been there/done that generosity
9) the rain yesterday phases of life: birthing thru death
11) seasons in nature seeing the difference in each stage
13) being grateful for where I am in life enjoying my life
15) gathering information putting that info to work
17) challenges working through problems
19) a new day a fresh beginning
Tomorrow is THANKS-GIVING. I wonder what would happen if that day really became a day of giving; everyone giving something to another person? Even a challenge that came from a desire to give to strangers.
In Life Is A Verb there is a cute story of her daughter holding a sign up in the town square that said "FREE HUGS". She wanted to see what people would do, how they would react and respond to her sign. One discovery the mother made: the people she thought would not give a hug came over and responded by giving the hug. 'Tis true - you can't judge a book by its cover.
I leave you with this saying from
Rumi -
"If You Are Irritated By Every Rub,
How Will You Be Polished?"


Sherry said...

This is so scary. Both you and Melissa posted this book on your blogs this morning. Someone is speaking to me through both of you. I must go by the book store on my way to work tonight. Thanks for sharing.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

good morning!
it is so nice to meet you! we were on the same wavelength this morning!
happy thanksgiving!
:) melissa

morningDove said...

oh how funny and what are the odds that melissa and emmitt would post about the same book on the same day.
Melissa I love your wavelength bc it is much further along than mine. maybe i'll follow along with you to see where it leads you.

HeArt Collective said...

want... book... need... info!

so inspiring, thanks for posting this up here for us all to read! i came to your blog from miss valerie's Altered Heart blog!

Happy Thanks & Giving

Reflections of life and art said...

This book sounds interesting....I look forward to hearing more of your insight on it in the days to come.
Dove, what a blessing you are in my life!

Fannie said...

Serendipity, Dove! You and Melissa. Sounds like a shout to me. I'll look for the book in my library. Looks like a good read. Thanks for sharing.