Tuesday, November 11, 2008

VETs day for some Remembrance Day

Today I am thankful to all the men and women who have served in our armed forces to keep our country free and help other countries create a democracy. Both my dad and FIL served. I have nephews and nieces that are serving now. So to them I say

"Thank You and God Bless You and Keep You Safe."

Now I will be headed off to another vets day, the veterinarian to have my dog checked again.

20 things I am grateful for today

Before I begin - here is a little book tag for Carol of London's altered IW book. I punched out holes and added charms that read "HOPE". There is also a pink ribbon charm to represent the survivors of breast cancer. I am beginning to learn layering. HOPE FOR TOMORROW.

1) to feel the cold outside warm blankies
2) precious blood of Jesus and for His dying for me
3) heat in my home being willing to help others
5) you that are reading this that you have eyes to see
7) my son coming up to work his friend giving him work
9) my hubby praying as i am typing this now reading the Word of God
11) God's promises my freedom to believe and be a Christian
13) living in Va being able to have a vet for my dog
15) a gift cert from work and buying family dinner with it
17) small business people my DIL working overtime
19) that God blesses your day His amazing love for all

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Unique Trunk Show said...

Morning Dove, thank you for your visit by my blog and prayers for my dog. I will keep your dog in my prayers as well. Sorry to hear he is having such a tough time of it. I enjoyed reading your blog, it is a spiritual and artistic inspiration for all.